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THE LOOP : Event Terms & Conditions

1. It is a prior condition of entry that you have read, accepted and agreed to abide by all of the following terms and conditions.

2. Ride Organiser : Entry

The Ride Organiser on behalf of the Highland Velodrome Trust is John Macmillan who can be contacted (for urgent queries only) at john.m.macmillan@btinternet.com 

Please note that entries and fees will only be accepted through the dedicated British Cycling online site. A direct link to this can be accessed via the LOOP event button which is available at


• In using the online system, riders should be aware that they are agreeing to the whole of the HiVelo (plus its sub-contractors and suppliers’) insurance terms & conditions for this event.

• The closing date/s for online entries will be as displayed on the website. Please note that applications for any category of ride will cease to be taken once a pre-determined number of valid entries have already been accepted. You may however be able to enter under a different category as a later date if shown.

3. Non-Refundable Entry

Entries for this sportive ride are non-refundable. Transfer of entry is not allowed. No refunds will be provided if the rides are cancelled due to circumstances beyond the Organiser’s control such as extreme weather conditions or major incidents.

4. Fitness and Capability

Sportive rides are designed for participants who can bring the strength and stamina needed to complete the challenge. It is the sole responsibility of entrants to achieve the level of training and competence commensurate with the particular ride that they have chosen. The organiser reserves the right to terminate any rider’s participation on responsible health and safety grounds. However, a generous ride cut-off time of 9 hours will be in place and uplift by the following ‘broom wagon’ will be available should such assistance be required.

5. Equipment

Each rider is responsible for the condition and road-worthiness of their own cycle and equipment, but the Organiser reserves the right to refuse a start to any entrant whose cycle is judged unfit for the purpose of the event or which could compromise the safety of other riders. Please note that the use of triathlon handlebars or other time trial bar extensions is strictly not permitted as ride group safety is paramount. All participants are encouraged to use a suitable rear light and to carry a pump, tyre levers and spare tube/s during the ride. Mechanics will be in support of the event but their attention may be subject to delays.

6. Helmets and Clothing

A hard shell helmet which conforms with current CE standards must be worn at all times by riders during the event. Any participant observed in breach of this condition will be automatically disqualified and withdrawn from the ride. Riders should be suitably attired to complete the event in safety and comfort bearing in mind its duration and the possibility of changeable weather conditions. Additional waterproof clothing should be taken where appropriate. Riders are also advised to carry some money and a suitable form of identification containing their name/address and third party contact details for use in any incident.

7. Age Limits

All riders must be aged 18 or older on the day of the event.

8. Accompanying Vehicles

Only official support vehicles will be permitted to accompany the riders. Personal, team or club support vehicles are forbidden to follow or precede riders and any use/breach of this condition will result in immediate expulsion of that entrant. Riders must not take food, drink or clothing from anyone whilst moving – any such assistance from a stationary vehicle shall only be received whilst the rider is stopped in a safe place off the road carriageway.

9. Mobile Phones

Riders are encouraged to carry a mobile phone. However this must not be used whilst riding. You should dismount in a safe place off the carriageway before receiving or making calls, taking photographs etc. Please note that remote parts of the course may experience poor or reduced signal availability on certain networks. The use of any type of earphones or headset by participants whilst riding is also strongly discouraged.

10. Ride Conduct

The Challenge is not a race. Riders will be sent off from the start point in groups of up to 20 at two minute intervals. It is the rider’s responsibility to have regard for their own safety and that of fellow competitors and other road users at all times. They must comply with the laws of Scotland and the provisions of the Highway Code. Cyclists should proceed in an orderly manner in single file or not more than two abreast where appropriate, and extend all reasonable courtesy to other road users. Traffic lights must be obeyed and recognized hand signals/calls used when making turns or slowing down. A number of marshals dressed in reflective vests will be deployed at specified points around the rides in accordance with the Safety Assessment. Please remember that marshals do not have the authority to stop motorists, but will do their best to help riders to negotiate junctions/turns safely. You must not deviate from the official ride route. Competitors are responsible for navigating the correct course in accordance with the supplied route map and signage provided. Please have respect and do not litter the countryside or towns with wrappers, surplus containers etc – there will be trash bins provided for all waste materials at the official service points.

11. Known Hazards

If you intend to ride in to the start at the Garve Hotel HQ and/or away after the finish there, please take particular care at the nearby railway crossing of the A835 road. The acute angle of the rails and slots here can easily catch out any unwary cyclist. The risks increase in bad weather. You are strongly advised to dismount and walk over this crossing. Riders must fully observe any en route restrictions.

12. Signing On & Ride Numbers

Ride HQ will be the Garve Hotel, Mar Road, GARVE, Ross-shire, IV23 2PR (tel. 01997 414205) where car parking is available to the rear. Please park as guided by ride officials. Do not obstruct the hotel access or other guests’ vehicles. Registration in the Games Room can be accessed directly from a signed door at the rear of the hotel, as can the adjoining toilet facilities. Administration will open from 7.10am when riders will be required to sign-on, receive any final pre-ride information and collect their number/cable ties. IF YOU DO NOT SIGN ON YOUR INSURANCE COVER IS VOID AND RIDE SUPPORT SERVICES WILL BE WITHDRAWN. Ride numbers should be fitted and displayed clearly in accordance with instructions. Any rider without a number will be refused assistance and asked to leave at ‘pitstops’ and all other ride facilities. Numbers should be returned post-event at ride HQ where they will entitle a rider to a free hot meal in the Games Room. Riders are asked not to congregate or wander around the public reception, dining etc facilities in the Hotel which are reserved for the use of holiday guests.

13. Ride Finish/Start

The ride will start and finish on the hotel’s private access ramp (west) leading onto the A835. There is plenty of stacking space before the start line. Parking, waiting or offloading from any vehicle on the A835 or verge in the vicinity of the start line is strictly forbidden and may result in exclusion from the event. Please await your start turn and obey the starter’s instructions. The first group of riders will be flagged off at 8.00am sharp. This is a self-timed ride. Whilst the organisers will be recording the return of all riders, participants are responsible for their own GPS, computer or other timing device. Don’t forget to activate on the start line.

14. Support Services

In addition to the pre/post-ride HQ facilities there will be three official ‘service’ points strategically located at :

  1. Gairloch : Community Centre

  2. Dundonnell : opposite the Hotel

  3. Braemore : Council carpark/viewpoint.

Participants displaying ride numbers will have access to toilets (excepting Braemore), simple food and drink, first aid and mechanics’ support at these places. Food supplies are subject to demand and availability – early callers are asked to have regard for the needs of later arrivals in this regard. All riders are recommended to carry one or more bottles to assist with hydration during the event and these can be topped up at the service points. Carrying your own selection of small snacks, energy bars or gels for personal use would also be wise.

15. Exclusions & Results

You need to complete your ride within a set duration to record an official finish. The overall cut-off time allowed is 9 hours which equates to an average speed of 12mph. Riders who reach the official service stops outwith the schedule and are overtaken by the event ‘broom wagon’ may have their number withdrawn. At this point they may choose to either board the vehicle or continue to ride in their own time. A certificate of ride completion will be forwarded via riders’ email within a few days of the event. Please note that hot food will cease to be served from 5.30pm at the ride HQ, and the administration facilities will terminate at 6pm. Any feedback on your ride experience would be appreciated by the Organiser.








8:00 AM

8:00 AM

8:00 AM

8:00 AM


9:15 AM

9:00 AM

8:50 AM

8:43 AM


10:05 AM

9:40 AM

9:23 AM

9:11 AM


11:40 AM

10:56 AM

10:27 AM

10:06 AM


12:45 PM

11:48 AM

11:10 AM

10:43 AM


2:10 PM

12:56 PM

12:06 PM

11:31 AM


3:25 PM

1:56 PM

12:56 PM

12:14 PM


5:00 PM

3:12 PM

2:00 PM

1:09 PM

NB. Timings are based on sustained average speeds of 12/15/18 and 21mph

16. Incidents & Insurance

The Loop is designed to be a challenging ride and true test of each rider’s skill, endurance and determination. The event is fully supported in accordance with the Course Safety Assessment. Third party (public) liability cover has been obtained for all riders together with the organiser, officials and volunteers for the duration of the event. Competitors may also wish to check or arrange their own personal injury cover. In the event of accident or injury during the ride, all such incidents should be reported to ride officials and suitable records/documentation completed. The ride will be accompanied by qualified first aiders. Any serious incidents must invoke prompt reporting with attendance of police/ambulance resources as necessary and will require the full co-operation of all parties including witnesses. The ride HQ EMERGENCY CONTACT number is 07971 667494. If you choose to abandon at any stage, please ensure that the ride organisation is made aware of this fact.

17. General

The Loop proceedings will be subject to appropriate Scots/UK law. The Highland Velodrome Trust and its successor/s hereby assert full copyright over the branding and event arrangements. Whilst all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of material provided above, this is not warranted and may be subject to revision at any time. All rights reserved.

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