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07 January 2021
2021 AGM

In view of the Covid-19 situation, the Board decided not to hold the 2020 AGM. In line with the Charity Commisssions’ guidelines we will hold a virtual AGM during February/March, at which we will table a proposal to amend the constitution, permitting virtual meetings.

We did not ask for membership renewals this year past but are now reminding you that 2021 memberships are due this month. We are very grateful for your continued support. As you will appreciate from the later part of this update, the professional services, that we are obliged to engage, have to be paid for.  Gift Aid is one source of revenue for us, so if you pay income tax or capital gains tax, I would encourage you to consider gift aiding your membership subscription so that Hivelo can benefit from a further 25 percent. Details are attached. To make it easy for you, forms do not need to be returned if you are renewing rather than joining for the first time, unless any of your details have changed or you are completing a standing order or a new gift aid mandate. The forms do contain bank information for direct transfer to Hivelo’s bank account, the secretaries address and email address. If you renew by bank transfer, and no other details have changed, just drop an email to the secretary advising your transfer.





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