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05 August 2014
Culloden Cycle Challenge 2014


Thanks to all those who have got their entries in promptly – come on the rest!  So who’s entered to date?


So far it’s about one lady for every three men.  That ratio rises to 37% for the Wee Battle.


A plucky 7% were born in the 1940’s with, in descending order, 1960’s (34%), 1970’s (31%), 1950’s (16%) and 1980’s (9%).  To date just 2% were born in the 1990’s or later so where are the younger riders?  If you are 10 or over then the Skirmish is for you as long as Mum and/or Dad tag along.


Most riders are not in a registered cycling club (60%).

British Cycling

A majority of entrants are not members of BC/SC (55%).

Where you live

Not surprisingly, most are from the North of Scotland area (87%).  However there are already entrants from the Aberdeen, Dundee and Mid-Scotland regions.  All most welcome.


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