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The Vision


Getting on your bike will do wonders for your health, your wallet and our planet.  We are Britain’s top sport and one of the fastest growing.  However, cycling still needs to reach out to get many more people riding, more often and for longer. What’s stopping that?  Well concerns about poor roads, heavy traffic, bad weather, lack of fitness or worries about fitting in often feature.  So attracting more cyclists will only happen through the provision of high quality all-weather facilities, trained support and the company of like-minded people all riding in a safe environment.  Such a cycling ‘development hub’ needs to offer opportunities for all kinds of bike experiences from trials to triathlon, touring to track, tarmac to all-terrain, whilst catering for people of every age and ability.  It must also be located where it can benefit most people in the Highlands so that it is easily accessible and affordable for users.


HiVelo is committed to working with landowners, key agencies and other groups towards delivery of an Inverness ‘cycling development hub’ as envisaged in Scottish Cycling’s current Facilities Strategy.  The Trust has lobbied and prepared independent feasibility studies (2015) that demonstrate the overwhelming case for these facilities serving the northern half of Scotland.  Its constitution provides for ongoing assistance to facilitate and support the operation of this complex in the longer term.







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